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Commercial & Residential Reroof Permit Application

  1. City of Enumclaw
    Commercial & Residential
    Reroof Permit Application

    All contractors working within the City of Enumclaw will need a business license:
    Ph: 800-451-7985

    For Inspections call the day prior by 3:00 pm. Inspections offered Tuesday and Thursday AM and PM, call 360-615-5678. Inspections offered Wednesday and Friday AM by appointment availability, call 360-825-3593. Call before you dig!! 1(800)424-5555.

    Staples shall not be used for any roof sheeting or shear walls, or on any roofing.

  2. Project Type*

    • All reroof jobs within the city shall comply with the applicable provisions 2015 IBC, section 1511, and 2015 IRC section R907, and the following: all new roofing shall be installed to the manufacturers insulation standards for a designed wind speed of 120 miles per hour.
    • This permit application is for reroofing only! It is not for any truss or structural work, a separate building permit will be required.
    • A commercial building with a flat roof must have a roof hatch access when the roof is over 16 feet high.
    • An inspection is required when the roof is being removed down to the sheeting and when the roof is being resheeted from skip sheeting to 4' x 8' sheets of plywood or OSB. See handout for how the sheeting is to be placed.
    • Cut sheets from manufacturer required for Commercial.
    • Shall comply with Sec.108.3

  3. IBC Section 1511 Reroofing
    1511.1 General: Materials and methods of application used for recovering or replacing an existing roof covering shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 15.

    • Reroofing shall not be required to meet the minimum design slope requirement of 1/4 unit vertical in 12 unit's horizontal (2% slope) in Section 1507 for roofs that provide positive roof drainage.

  4. 1511.2 Structural and Construction Loads: Structural roof components shall be capable of supporting the roof covering system and the material and equipment loads that will be encountered during installation of the system.

    1511.3 Recovering Versus Replacement: New roof coverings shall not be installed without 1st removing all existing layers of roof coverings where any of the following conditions occur:
    • Where the existing roof or roof covering is water soaked or has deteriorated to the point that the existing roof or roof covering is not adequate as a base for additional roofing
    • Where the existing roof covering is wood shake, slate, clay, cement, or asbestos - cement tile
    • Where the existing roof has 2 or more applications of any type of roof covering

  5. Exceptions:
    • Complete and separate roofing systems, such as standing-seam metal roof systems, that are designed to transmit the roof loads directly to the building's structural system and that does not rely on existing roofs and roof coverings for support, shall not require the removal of existing roof coverings.
    • Metal panel, metal shingle, and concrete and clay tile roof coverings shall be permitted to be installed over existing wood shake roofs when applied in accordance with Section 1511.4.3. The application of a new protective coating over an existing spray polyurethane foam roofing system shall be permitted without tear off of existing roof coverings.

    1511.4 Roof Recovering: Where the application of a new roof covering over wood shingle or shake roofs creates a combustible concealed space, the entire existing surface shall be covered with gypsum board, mineral fiber, glass fiber, or other approved materials securely fastened in place.

    1511.5 Reinstallation of Materials:Existing clay or cement tile shall be permitted for reinstallation, except that damaged, cracked, or broken tile shall not be reinstalled. Existing vent flashing, metal edgings, drain outlets, collars, and metal counter flashings shall not be reinstalled where rusted, damaged, or deteriorated. Aggregate surfacing materials shall not be reinstalled.

    1511.6 Flashings: Flashings shall be reconstructed in accordance with approved manufacturers installation instructions. Metal flashing to which bituminous materials are to be adhered shall be primed prior to installation.

  6. Please Note: All built up roofs shall comply with IBC Section 1607.11 Reroofing without removal of existing roofing is permitted, but you must comply with the following exceptions:
    • You must show the roof structure is sufficient to sustain the weight of the additional dead load of the new roofing.
    • The existing roof covering is securely attached to the roof deck.
    • The roof deck and framing is structurally sound with no dry rot.
    • The existing insulation is not water soaked.
    • If any flashing is rusted or dented it shall be replaced.
    • The roof shall have lower and upper venting area of 1 sq.ft. for every 150 sq.ft. attic area.
    • The maximum number of layers roofing is 2, due to the 30 lbs. snow load.
    • Strip asphalt shingles shall be required to be fastened with maximum of 6 fasteners and hand sealed. The fastener shall comply with the IRC Section R905.2.6. The only exception to this requirement is the manufacturers recommendations for 120 miles per hour wind speed.

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