Current Activities & Presentations

Weekly Events

Every Monday-Thursday 9:00am and 12:15pm: Billiards

Every Monday

10:00am: Senior Larks Glee Club 

11:30am Happy Hour with Mock Margaritas

12:40pm: BINGO

Every Tuesday

8:00am: Pilates Class

9:00am: Computer Tutoring Appointments

9:00am: Trivia

Every Wednesday 

9:30am: Jam Session & Dancing

12:30pm: Build your Brain Memory Class

Every Thursday

8:00am: Pilates Class

12:30pm: Informal Knitting Social

Every Friday

9:00am: Massage by appointment

11:00am: Brunch

9:00am: Computer Tutoring Appointments

July Activities and Presentations



Monday, July 2
12:15pm: Blood Pressure Clinic
Tuesday, July 3

Birthday Party & Independence Day

11:00am: Music by Hazel Jones
Wednesday, July 4

Senior Center Closed for Independence Day

Thursday, July 5
12:30pm: Pinochle
Monday, July 9
9:00am: Haircuts with Char
Tuesday, July 10
8:30am: Redwind Casino Trip
10:30am: Music with JC's Cherokee Band
Wednesday, July 11
9:00am: Shopping Trip to Bonney Lake
9:00am: SHIBA Appointments
11:30am: Miracle Ear
12:30pm: BUNCO
Thursday, July 12

Summer Beach Party & Legs Contest

9:00am: Foot Care by appointment
10:30am: Walmart Optical Cleaning
12:30pm: Pinochle
Friday, July 13
8:00am: Masonic Outreach by appointment
Monday, July 16
12:30pm: Blood Pressure Clinic
Tuesday, July 17
8:00am: Healthy Smiles Dental Cleaning by appointment
11:00am: Music with Hazel
11:30am: Complimentary Salad Bar prepared by Cascade Place
Wednesday, July 18
1:00pm: Red Hatter's Lunch
Thursday, July 19
12:30pm: Pinochle
Tuesday, July 24
8:00am: Healthy Smiles Dental Cleaning by Appointment
11:00am: Music with Jukebox Phil and Ellie
Wednesday, July 25
8:45am: Senior Center Advisory Board Meeting
12:30pm: BUNCO
Thursday, July 26
12:30pm: Pinochle
Friday, July 27
8:00am: Foot Care by appointment